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44328 year hyacinth macaw parrots They are very tame and will literally go to anyone and they don't bite ,they love to be with you and he is very cuddly,he talks ,call or text (762x218x2471 with your email for more pictures and info
44328 year old male and female Cockatoo parrots for sale now. call or text (507x479x1095 with your email for more pictures and info
44328 Pair of Amazon Parrots for sale, tame & talking with right person. Not DNA sexed, price for bird only. Strictly no time wasters!! Will only respond to genuine enquiries! call or text 804x829x0450 with your email for more pictures and info
BLACK CAPPED CONURE - eight years,, old, very tame, handleable, good little bird, iron cage included. single owner. Sex unknown. Will step up. Says a few words. In good feather condition. Came in on a seed diet, eats apples. A new baby was the reason why this...
STOP...PLS. READ ALL THIS INFORMATION 1st. SUN CONURE - unsexed, approximately. 5yrs old, in exquisite feather condition, bright colors. Wants attention. This bird is on Roudybush pellets, no seed. Very good bird, tame. Very well taken care of. He/she is lookin...
READ THIS INFO NEXT... Double Yellow Headed Amazon - sex unknown, 22yrs old, in exquisite feather condition, lots of yellow on its head, tame, handleable, was handfed as a baby by its owner. Says hello and mumbles other stuff. This is a real good ...
STOP -- READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION 1st! Meyers Parrot - 5 years old. Unsexed, extremely lovely shiny feather condition. Taken care of very well by the previous owner, Very tame. Sort of potty trained to poop outside of his cage in a designated spot in ...
White Face Male Cockatiel - 10+ years old, male, quiet bird Cage included...
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